custom 84 kevlar laser ltv looking for top speed

Jan 17, 2011
i have a 1984 laser ltv kevlar. the boat and motor stock full of gas and complete interior ran 79 with a 200 merc 2.4 with 20inch mid and bobs lower unit. the prop was a 28 chopper which i felt ran like crap on a ltv. i could not get the motor up high enough for good top speed with the 20 inch mid. i sold 2.4 and bought a 2.5 in pieces sent single ram mid to CCMS to get cut to 15inch "merc specs" with a Diamond tunner. the 2.5 block pistons, crank, and rods are stock with 7 pedal CCMS drag reeds, 260 head gasketts with 2.5 leter 150hp xr6 heads, and 16 amp flywheel, the carbs are stock rebuilt 225hp with big pumps on the side . the jackplate is a 10 inch lift 10 inch setback. yes im told thats to much setback but im going to run what i have until i can afford a hydro jackplate. as for prop ive picked up a 28 et. the deck and foam have been removed and replaced with a very light weight setup center steer. about 60lbs total with two seats. ive set back steering wheel 6inchs in the dash and moved the driver seat up as far as possible. you sit very low in the boat compared to most lasers only neck and head stick out. as far as looks i sharpened all of the line in the boat "like a 75 stingray corvette" you can see the results in the pics. I painted the boat black and pearl white that flips to blue with a playboy bunny in the bow."my sons nick name" ive done ALL of the work my self and love the boat but every thing has a price so if your interested make an offer i will put boat in the water this friday and give her a test run. any helpfull advice would be very apperciated