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Custom Adventure Vehicle


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Feb 3, 2013
Overbrook, Ok, USA
Javelin Venom 17
So today my mind got to wandering at work about various non work related things. Lately I’ve been thinking about maybe getting a camper, also been needing a bigger truck for hauling the horses and the tractor. Truthfully I’d rather have a diesel and move up to gooseneck trailers rather than bumper pulls. As for the camper I like camping off the beaten path and away from others but tent camping just isnt as comfortable as it used to seem. As I was pondering all this just for a way to make my shift go by faster I got to thinking that maybe I just need to compromise. What about getting a full sized SUV and customizing it as a camper? A 3/4 ton Suburban 4x4 has enough room in the back for building a bunk, and lots of storage for all the equipment and food necessary. If I could talk myself into a Ford I could locate an Excursion for even more room and a diesel too,but I doubt that. Here is a couple who carried through on the idea. What do you guys think?