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Decisions Decisions. Port or Starboard Bow Guys?


I loooove to fish and light the water on fire!!
Mar 5, 2012
floral city florida
As some of you know I have recently purchased a new Motorguide wireless digital 24 volt W75 trolling motor for my Shadow to replace my old MG Tour Edition 82 24 volt (it's 4 sale by the way).
However due to the difference in mounts I cannot use my old mounting holes. Since I have to fill them and drill new ones I have a decision to make. Do I mount the new TM on the Starboard side of my bow where in stowed position head lays along starboard side of deck, or do I mount it to Port as my old one was meaning when stowed it will lay along the port side of the casting deck.?

This new one seems to fit better mounted to starboard, however in order To help me with this, I've taken some photos of it in each position. I value your opinions everyone. So lets hear em!:cheers: