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Feb 3, 2013
Overbrook, Ok, USA
Javelin Venom 17
Greetings gang, I haven't been on for a spell. My seasonal burnout lasted all winter and into the spring. I even cancelled a trip to Lake Fork I had planned for the first week of April even before all this virus stuff. About two or three weeks ago I finally felt like taking the boat out would be fun but when I got to the ramp just crank and crank with no start. I did get it started a few days later at the house but found the impellar had gone bad. Took the shop less than a week to put a new one in and I ran it yesterday but still haven't gone fishing. I've got new rods (reels are months overdue) and baits and I'm pretty sure I missed the spawn but oh well. One curious thing is yesterday with just me and no tackle I hit 42mph. The exact same speed as fully loaded and another person in the boat. Weight kills speed though right? :rolleyes: