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Flatlands Custom Tackle Jigs, Spinnerbait and Buzz bait
Joey from Flatlands Custom Tackle (flatlandscustomtackle.com) has sent me a few of his baits for review. Lets start with the Buzzbait. First thing I noticed is the paint job. It’s a nice smooth finish with no drips or snags, it has a deep color and the contrasting metal flake was a nice touch.

It seems to me that it’s a really hard finish, I don’t know if it’s a clear coat or the paint but it seems like it’ll hold up well, only time will tell for sure. The color I got was black gold one of I think almost 80 different color combo’s he has. The eyes stand out from the bait and are very realistic looking I liked the contrasting color around the eyes, it made them stand out more than usual. Its made with a light wire that initially seems a little too light. But after playing around with it and purposely bending out of and back into shape I realized it’s a lot stronger than it looks.

The blade spins freely and has a slight squeak from the start. The hook is strong and sharp. The head is a little different than most of the buzzbaits I use. Generally I use one that have a flat surface on the bottom to help it get up and stay on top. This one has a flat bottom but it also has a strip that runs down the middle like a keel. I did some test in a clients pool and was surprised at how quickly it got up and how slow I was able to reel it and keep it up. I don’t fish a buzzbait with a trailer but there is a baitholding bard built into the head that seems like it would do the job. The skirt is tied with wire which I really like .

I didn’t have to change the tie like I do with some baits tied with rubber bands. All in all I have to say I’m impressed and can’t wait to try it out on the Delta.

Now lets go to the spinner bait. The one I received is a shad color 1/2oz. with double willow blades, one silver one gold. The quality is the same as the buzzbait made with very high quality components . Same high quality paint job and ultra sharp and strong hook. The little details like the red gill line and black spot and 3d eyes are what set this bait apart from many others. Looking at his website one will find a dizzying array of sizes, colors and blade combo’s. Again a very impressive bait.

The other bait I received was a 5/8 oz. Poison Tail Flipping jig in the black neon color. The same quality head, paint job etc was evident in this product as well. One thing I liked was the fact you could have an EWG hook or a regular stout flipping hook on your jig. The fiber weed guard is trimmed just right and is stiff enough to do its job but not so stiff that there’s any concern about hooking up. It’s the first jig that I didn’t feel the need to trim the wed guard. All I did was to spread it out a little and it was ready to go.

I have to say it was a pleasure to see the quality and craftsmanship that went into each product. I was so impressed that I ordered some football jigs and bladed swim jigs for myself but that’s another review. The variety of skirt colors is enough to make your head spin and the fact that he will make any special colors you want just helps to set Flatlands Custom Tackle apart from your ordinary tackle maker.

I would encourage all to check them out. (http://www.flatlandscustomtackle.com/
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