For those that would never own a "Fish-n-Ski"-CHARGER has other ideas.

Darth VMAX

Allison Boats Officer
May 3, 2009
Ok folks, most guys shudder at the thought of getting rid of their beloved hard core 2-3 seat tournament basser. But for those with familes who like to boat and enjoy the lake lets face it. You get to hear the wife blasting you with "we need a differnt boat!" and you have to get real creative in how to seat mutliple kids in your basser (and reality shows, its not very comfortable or safe to do this)

If you were to look at the Charger 475 FS, I bet you would be open to a mind change.

First, Charger does one thing cool, they have the option to get rid of those giant walk-through windshields that always seem to get in the way, and let you order them with the standard "Bassboat" smoked plexiglass small console winshield.

2nd. the 475 is an inch under 21' long. Its got a 92" beam and a fairly light weight for a full-size Fish-n-Ski @1800 lbs. Get this, they rate it for UNLIMITED V6!
Thats right! No "slow" piggy fish-n-ski here! This boat runs 70 to low 70's with a 250HO ETEC or 250 SHO Yammie. Hang a 300xs Mercury or a 300 ETEC and you will be hurting a LOT of feelings of dudes with their "hard-core" tournament rigs with your "family pimpster"

3rd. The 475 is a low-profile "bass hulled" Fish-n-ski. No "higher than normal sides", it will feel like casting and landing fish out of bass boat. In fact, the 475 uses the Charger 496 bassboat hull. The front deck is big enough to hold a rod locker able to stow 8' long rods.

The 475 Charger when outfitted with the bass amenities, sets itself apart in the Blasé' world of Fish-n-Ski's.


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