Fuel Smell In Bilge and Rod Lockers


BBM Current Events Admiral
Aug 9, 2010
Coral Springs, Florida
I've been smelling a fuel like odor in the rod lockers when I open them up. Initially I chalked it up to it being a new boat and figured it was the glue for the carpet, etc. I opened up all the compartments tonight and it sure does seem to have a fuel smell in them. I pulled everything out and looked at the fuel lines running from inside from the gas cap to the other side of the boat. It was tough to follow the line back to the motor though.

I ran my fingers along the line and fittings but didn't feel any moisture. I didn't see any fuel in the bilge either. Now the front of the tank is under the seats so I can't check there but I have the boat sort of titlted backward in the garage (she is up on the little wheel full tilt) so I would think than any drips would run towards the back.

Now I keep the boat in the garage and it does get real hot in there. The tank is pretty full and I imagine it expands and contracts.

I thought I read somewhere here where the boat is supposed to vent to the outside. I wonder if it is a venting problem. I tried to see where it vented too but no luck. Now its been about two days and when I opened the compartments I did smell fuel odor. Is this normal venting from extreme temps or what should I look for to check it out?

The boat is about 6 weeks old. Its a 2010 Nitro Z-7.

Sorry for the long post.