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Gel coat damage

Bryan Hurlburt

Gitzit man - New York Moderator
Hello BBM friends. So I just made a round trip excursion from Upstate New York to Georgetown, Florida with my 2014 Triton 17 Pro in tow. The trip went well other than gel coat repairs now needed. I had my wife make cushions of sort out of thick pile microfiber to go around the straps of my travel cover to prevent stuffing of gel coat. It instead trapped sand and salt from roads and removed gel down to glass. Yes polyflake too. After a temporary seal as to not ruin vacation I used the boat and left microfiber off. After the trip home the other side wore through gel. Am I not supposed to use the cover or what? I made sure that the straps stayed tight. Should I have the straps go around the trailer frame? It is the custom cover that came with the boat
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