Georgia - Lake Sinclair 4-15-11


Lord of Tomfoolery
Apr 27, 2010
Bethlehem, Georgia
April 15, 2011
By: Mark Smith


Bass fishing is good and some good fish including some really big large bass are coming from shallow water in the central lake area. The water temperature is warmer in this area due to influence from the steam plant. And this translates to a faster metabolism in fish, which means more fish feeding than from areas with colder water. Small crank baits, worms, spinner baits, and jig and pigs are the primary baits needed to catch these shallow fish. Main lake points with rocky bottoms are prime places to begin the search. Try #5 and #7 Shad Raps in fire tiger and silver-blue on bright days and shad, gold-black, and fire tiger on cloudy days. With the small crank baits, try using the rod to slowly sweep the bait. Use the cranking handle to take in slack line only. A Zoom Finesse worm works great for the Carolina rig. Try using a ½ ounce weight ahead of the 2 foot leader. Fish the rig very slowly and even let it lie still for several seconds at a time while on a rough bottom. The Carolina rig really works on days when these point fish are 8 to 15 feet deep. Spinner baits and jig and pigs should be as lightweight as possible and fished slowly. Rat L Traps in the ¼-ounce size can also be good on the points, especially with a warm wind blowing. Bass are also feeding around docks, rip rap, and any type of wood cover. Down lake in the clearer water, bass are using points, humps, and flats from around 15 to over 30 feet deep.