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Here Are The Top Favorite Wild-Caught Fish According to the Internet


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
Best Catch
Here Are The Top Favorite Wild-Caught Fish According to the Internet

How good any particular fish tastes is highly subjective. If you were to ask any number of anglers what their top favorite wild-caught fish is, you’re likely to get a wide range of answers. Therefore, we’ve scoured the internet looking for a definitive answer, but surprisingly, it seems there is no consensus.

Below, we listed 10 of the internet’s top favorite wild-caught fish, and now we want to hear yours. Mahi-Mahi tacos are always an excellent choice, but it’s nearly impossible to turn down fresh perch pulled out of Lake Erie.

So, what’s your choice?

10. Halibut

Image from NancyHeise on the Wikimedia Commons.

Many of you may be surprised that halibut ended up so low on this list, especially as many anglers familiar with halibut would have rated it much higher. By itself halibut has a very mild, subtly sweet flavor. Its lean, flaky meat is very versatile and can be cooked in a number of ways, and halibut cheeks are especially prized as the most tender part of the fish.

9. Perch

Image from Captain John on Flickr.

Good old perch. Many people count white perch among their favorite fish for its flaky texture and and mild taste.

8. Red snapper

Image from Geeklikepi on the Wikimedia Commons.

Oily, moist, and fairly mild with a sweet flavor, the red snapper is a fish that is hard to mess up.

7. Yellowfin tuna

Image from the NOAA.

Yellowfin tuna, or ahi, is one of the more coveted fish on this list, especially by chefs specializing in sashimi. If you haven’t tried this fish, it’s about time you did.

6. Trout

The poll doesn’t differentiate between different species of trout, which is curious, since there is a world of difference in taste between each. Some anglers keep away from lake trout, which they describe as “muddy” and too oily for the effort, while others love them. Of course, rainbow trout often ranks among one of the tastiest fish to keep.

5. Sea bass

Image from Kim on Flickr.

High in fat and low in the dreaded fishy flavor, sea bass is best grilled, poached, or steamed.

4. Walleye

Image from Edsel Little on Flickr.

Much like halibut, walleye is incredibly versatile and can be made into pretty much anything. Fans of this fish often compare it favorably to chicken and say it is very easy to prepare. Walleye is especially popular in Minnesota, where the fish is eaten more than any other state in the United States.

3. Salmon

It’s not surprising to see salmon in the top three of this poll. Possibly one of the most overused fish in the country, salmon still enjoys a stellar reputation for its firm, flaky flesh and mild flavor.

2. Mahi-mahi

Dorado – or mahi-mahi – is a great-tasting fish that has lean pink meat with a mild sweet flavor. They are also prized by anglers for their acrobatic prowess on the line.

1. Whitesaddle goatfish

Image from Divervincent on Wikimedia.

You might not have heard of this one before, and frankly we were a bit surprised to see it on top of the poll. We would have figured one of the more familiar fish, such as salmon or mahi-mahi, would win. However, the whitesaddle goatfish took número uno as the tastiest fish in this poll.

Also known as kumu, one of the few places you could fish for this species is Hawaii, and spearfishing is generally preferred.

They are apparently unique among fish because they taste a lot like shrimp. They are also pretty expensive, so it might be better to dive for your dinner instead.

What is the tastiest fish you’ve ever caught? Let us know in the comments.

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