How Good Are Quicksilver Hydraulic Jackplates?


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Mar 5, 2012
floral city florida
Well guys, seems I now have a choice between two jackplates to replace my old Bob's two piece with. My new Hydrodynamic's RapidJack 10" (thought it was 8" but measures out to 10"),....................

Or, a hydraulic Stainless Steel Black Powdercoated 10" Quicksilver Jackplate I just aqquired for a song in perfect condition. I'm depending on your opinions and experience here guys. How good are the Quicksilver Hydraulic plates?

I know my Hydrodynamics RapidJack is a quality plate but it is a manual. And my boat being what it is (Tunnel Vee Hull) will surely benefit from the flexibility of a hydraulic plate I can lower the motor for blast off then raise it up once on plane. I've included 3 photos of the Quicksilver so Y'all can see what I got

If it were your boat, would you install the Hydrodynamics RapidJack, or the Quicksilver Hydraulic Jackplate pictured below?

Decisions decisions:wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: