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I may have messed up !!!


New Member
Apr 14, 2017
Austin Texas
84 Glastron
Finally got around to starting to check out my dads boat today and pulled the plugs to spray some fogging oil in the cylinders to soak for a few days . Everything was going as planned until I was spraying in the last plug hole and the plastic tube blew off the can and I don`t know where it went , on the concrete and blown away with the strong wind that was blowing or down some crevice in the motor housing OR INSIDE THE CYLINDER ! I got a flashlight to shine into the plug hole but cannot see much . What were the chances it went inside the cylinder ? It happened so fast and it was in the bright sunlight and I just didn`t see what happened to the plastic tube .Any way to maybe fish around in there to see if it did ? I`m just sick about this . Any suggestions