I need a baseline recomendation for a prop....

Aug 31, 2009
Murray, KY
I need a recomendation for a prop. I've described the boat and motor a couple times in other places in BBM forums but ill do it again. The boat is a 87 glassport bass scalper 175. It's 17'4" and iboats says the hull weighs approx 1000 pounds. The motor is a solid running 85 Johnson 150. It has a black aluminum 3 blade prop on it. But I can't find any markings as to what it is. Power trim and tilt works good too. Here's what I'd like to see performance wise. The boat will never be run without two grown men and a load of gear. So if like to see good all around perfoamce. A solid holeshot. Strong acceleration. And a decent top speed. Prioritized in that order. Oh. The prop on it is pretty beat up too. I may use it a couple times but I'm gonna have to use a grinder or file to clean it up. Also keep in mind when it's all said and done ill only have about 1500 invested in the boat. I'm not cheap. But I don't want to spend half of what I have in the boat on a prop. I've seen new aluminum props in the 125-175$ range and new stainless props from about 275$ and up.