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New Mexico Fishing Report Officer
May 11, 2010
Albuquerque New Mexico

Animas River - The flow is 283 cfs. Fishing is reported as slow with little pressure. Best bet is through town at city park using worms and spinners.
Chama River - Upper section flow no read due to ice, no report on the fishing there. Below El Vado Dam, the flow is 93 cfs and the water is off color. There is very light traffic due to weather. The fishing is reported as fair for browns and rainbows. Black and gold Panther Martins, night crawlers, wooly buggers and bead headed nymphs are reported working for both species.
San Juan River - Upper section-Catch and Release flow is 458 cfs. The lake has turned over and visibility is about two feet in the river below the dam. Despite the murky water, big midge hatches continue to come off late mornings. Egg patterns are also a hot producer right now with orange and yellow being the best colors. Red and orange midge larvae as well as dark bodied midge larvae that stand out in the murk are also getting attention. Lower section - Open waters, fishing is good with night crawlers, salmon eggs and the same flies as for the upper section.
Abiquiu Lake- Fishing is very slow. The Army Corps of Engineers have switched over to winter staffing and all but a few primitive sites are closed for the season. There was very little pressure and fishing is reported as very slow.
El Vado Lake – No report due to weather and light pressure. The lake is iced over but very thin and unstable at this time.
Heron Lake The lake is iced over in most parts with some open water near boat ramps and the dam. Anglers are still catching trout with roe sacks and Power Bait.
Jackson Lake The lake is iced over but the ice is too thin for safe fishing at this time. Ice is receding with warmer weather and fishing is good when the conditions permit.
Lake FarmingtonTrout fishing is reported as slow to fair.
Morgan Lake – Bass fishing is slow. Reports of very few fish. Some success reported with crank baits and rattle traps.
Navajo Lake – The pressure is very light with reports of one or two fish landed here and there. The fishing should start to turn on soon but no signs of it yet.


Cimarron River - No read on flows below Eagle Nest Dam due to an equipment failure and no read due to ice near Cimarron. Fishing conditions are slow due to water levels and cold weather. Conditions are not likely to improve much until spring when warmer weather and flows come back up.
Costilla Creek – The flow, no read due to ice near the town of Costilla. No report due to ice and low flows.
Red River - Flows at Questa no read due to ice and 38 cfs below the hatchery. Fishing is fair for rainbows below the hatchery with bead head nymphs and various flies. Bait fishermen might try spinners, salmon eggs or Power Bait.
Rio Grande- Flows are 310 cfs near Cerro and 515 cfs below the Taos Junction Bridge. The Rio is at it's natural winter flows as the river isn't being diverted into irrigation canals in Colorado. Fishing is fair with better reports on pike and trout at Pilar. Be persistent and focus on the tail outs of pools and right below the gravel bars. For trout, try a crane fly larvae or stonefly nymph with a trailing caddis pupa or flashback pheasant tail. Pike hunt by feel. Large streamers that move water are more likely to get a pikes attention. Vary your retrieves and change up the color of your flies to see which ones trigger a bite.
Rio Hondo –Flows, no read due to ice. Lower section at confluence with Rio Grande is where the only opportunities are until spring. Trout are slow to fair with various flies, spinners and worms.
Rio Pueblo - Flow, no read due to ice and there is no report this week.
Cabresto Lake – Frozen over.
Charette Lakes – The lake closed Oct. 31 and re-opens next March.
Clayton Lake – The lake closed Oct. 31 and re-opens next March.
Eagle Nest Lake – The lake is frozen over and boat ramps are closed for the season. No fishing at this time, ice thickness is currently around 9 inches, but it is honey combed and still not safe to be on.
Lake Alice and Lake Maloya– Very little pressure due to the weather. Trout are reported as Fair to good in Lake Maloya using corn and Power Bait. Lake Maloya ice thickness is around 8 inches and Lake Alice is frozen over but the ice is not safe at this time.
Maxwell Lakes – The lakes closed Oct. 31 and re-opens next March.
Santa Cruz Lake – No report.
Shuree Ponds – Closed Dec. 31 and re-opens July 1, 2011.
Springer Lakes – Water levels are low and there has been light pressure.

West-Central, including the Jemez Mountains

Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San Antonio - Flow on the Jemez River is 20 cfs. The upper streams are iced up and winter fishing is here. The best bet is to fish the Jemez river at Battleship Rock. There is ice on the water and best fishing is in the afternoons during warmer days. Fly fishing is good with caddis, terrestrials, stimulators and bead headed nymphs. As for the bait angler, Panther Martins, Power Bait and worms are working well. The river at Battleship was stocked with 2,099 triploid rainbow trout last week.
Metro Drainages - Trout fishing is reported as good for trout with all methods taking fish. Metro drains were stocked with triploid rainbow trout last week, 701 at Albuquerque, 674 at Belen, 199 at Bernalillo, 549 at Corrales, and 874 at Peralta.
Bluewater Lake – Fishing continues to be good for trout on peach Power Bait. Tiger muskies are reported as slow, some fish being hooked but few are being landed.
Cochiti Lake – Reports of a few fishermen out but no success to report. The upper lake is frozen over with thin ice.
Fenton Lake – Frozen over, no ice fishing will be allowed due to unstable conditions.
Tingley Beach - South Pond catch and release - Trout fishing in the South/Catch and Release Pond has been good. Anglers using small, bead-headed midges and nymphs are reporting the best success. Warm afternoons are producing small, localized midge hatches, so bring a small Griffith's gnat just in case! Children's and Central Ponds – Trout fishing in the Tingley Beach Children's and Central Ponds is excellent. Best reports are from anglers using worms, Power Bait, and salmon eggs. Ponds were stocked with 1,500 triploid rainbow trout last week.

East–Central, including the Pecos River

Coyote Creek - Flow is 5.7 cfs. The water is low and fishing is slow with no pressure.
Pecos River - No read on flows near Pecos due to ice. The fishing is slow above the town of Pecos. Mid-thirty degree water temps have the fish very tight lipped. Better fishing down at Villanueva State Park. The best fishing is when the sun is on the water. Salmon eggs, worms and spinners are reported working and for the fly fisher egg patterns, red or green copper johns, prince nymphs, and scuds tend to fool most of the stocked fish.
Conchas Lake – Fishing is reported as slow with very little pressure. Water is low and cold.
Morphy Lake – The lake closed Oct. 31 and re-opens next April.
Santa Rosa Lake – Lake levels are good with some ice on the more still sections of the lake. Very little pressure from anglers. A few boats out on the water and all reported very slow conditions. Walleye and crappie should be turning on soon.
Storrie Lake – Fishing for trout is reported as slow with very little pressure. Lake was frozen over last week but has thawed and there is now open water.
Sumner Lake - Winter trout waters, stilling basin – Very little pressure on the lake, and it's very slow for all species. Fair to good below the dam for stocker Rainbows with Power Bait and Z-rays.
Ute Lake – Fish have gone deep and fishing is reported as very slow. A few white bass and some walleye have been caught. Reports of fish holding in 60 feet of water or more makes for a difficult time for the angler and the fish alike.


Gila River - The flow is 67 cfs and fishing is slow with very little pressure.
Rio Grande- The flow is 0.76 cfs below Elephant Butte Dam. No report.
Bill Evans Lake: Winter trout waters – Fishing for trout is good to fair using Power Bait, worms and salmon eggs. Also trolling is reported as good when using spinners.
Caballo Lake – Fishing is generally slow with light pressure. Water levels are low and will remain so until spring. Reports remain the same. Anglers having success are fishing the deeper holes but fishing for all species is slow.
Elephant Butte Lake – Fishing pressure has been light. Large and small mouth bass are reported as slow off of points using white slabs and crank baits. Catfish are reported as slow on trot lines on the north end of the lake. A few walleye have been taken but they are reported as far and few between. No report on other species.
Glenwood Ponds – Fishing has been slow with light pressure.
Lake Roberts – Fishing is reported as fair using worms, salmon eggs and Power bait.
Quemado Lake – No report. Snuffy's Tackle Shop has closed for the winter season, so there are no services at the lake at this time.
Snow Lake – No report.


Black River - Flow is 7.1 cfs. Fishing is reported as fair for trout using worms, salmon eggs and Power Bait.
Bonito Creek – No report.
Rio Ruidoso - Flow is 0.67 cfs. Water levels are very low but due to recent stocking fishing is reported as good. Fish are holding in deeper holes. Power Bait, worms and salmon eggs are reported as working for stocker sized trout. The river was stocked with 1,250 triploid rainbow trout last week.
Bonito Lake - The lake closed for the season Nov. 30 and reopens next April.
Bottomless Lakes: Winter trout waters – Good to fair for trout when using worms, spinners, Power Bait and salmon eggs. Devils Ink well and Pasture lakes were stocked with 498 triploid rainbow trout last week. Light pressure during the week but the lakes can get busy during weekends when weather is warmer.
Brantley Reservoir – There has been light pressure and no current report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake from the dept. of Game and Fish. Pesticides, DDT’s have been found in the fish, do not keep or eat them.
Grindstone Reservoir – Fishing is reported as slow for trout using spinners, marshmallows, worms, Power Bait and salmon eggs.
Lake Van: Winter trout waters – Fair for trout when using worms, spinners, Power Bait and salmon eggs. The lake was stocked with 2,475 triploid rainbow trout last week.