Just want it gone!


Weapon of bass destruction
Jul 24, 2013
Plantation, Florida, United States
Back Country 151 ProGuide
Yeah, it's me again after a long layoff. Been busy. So about a year ago in a big storm, a BPS 9 foot Bass Buddie type boat drifted across my lake to my dock. I pulled it out and the bottom of the hull looked like it was shot with 20 bullet holes. Due to the foam inside it never sunk but somebody tried. I bought a resin and glass kit from West Marine and dried it out, injected more foam with Great Stuff and patched it up. For a year now it's just been another thing to have to move if a hurricane is coming because I already have a mini bass boat + my big one in garage. Just couldn't let it die. Put it on Offer Up yesterday for $125 with an old 30# TM and got like 12 replies instantly.
Every offer asks if it's like new, does it have a title, does it leak, I mean "really"? For $125, they can get on the water and stop bank fishing! I even got 2 replies after 2am last night. But so far, no commitments. Crazy
BTW, my thoughts go out to all of you in the mid west dealing with floods and tornados. Hope you're ok, B2R