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Kamakazee Bait Company


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
Best Catch
Totally Impressed!!!

Kamakazee sent me quite a bit of different baits, this really helped as far as giving them a broad spectrum of reviews....

First off, this company is located out of Emmett, Idaho.

Their Plastics are top notched, Not only did i catch fish on them, but i tested them against other products on the same fish, without success like the Kamakazee baits.

They caught white bass as well, thats when really surprised!

There packaging was very informative, i hate looking on packages to locate the color and length. Kamakaze had all of this right on a label, which allowed me to change up quickly with out killing my eyeballs.

I truly think this company is going to go somewhere, once they get more advertising on their products out!! I know they are a west coast provider, but once the word gets out about this product, i think they can go national, if they have not yet!!

Owned and operated by a tournament bass fisherman who understands your needs.
We're big enough to serve you yet small enough to give you individual attention.

Owned and operated since 1994 by a dedicated fisherman whose aim is to give every angler the tools to control the outcome of each skirmish. Our scented baits are sure-fire weapons for any fisherman's arsenal, leading the big ones straight to your lure. Each one of our baits is made with a specific kind of plastic, specially suited to its use. From very soft to the firmness of the salty tubes, all have been designed and made to give superior results while enticing the most resistent fish.

The Colors on this bait appear to be consistant and stand out!! I think this is very important when it comes to bait selection!!

If you get a chance, you definetly need to check these baits out: