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Kastking SuperPower Braided line


Community Supporter
Jan 19, 2012
Miami, FL
Mako 21LTS Bayboat
Guys, I’ve been using this braid exclusively for 4+ years now and I can’t count more than 3x I’ve had this line break on over a thousand hooksets. Bass2Reds got me to try it and I’ve never looked back. The best part about it is you can get 547 yards of 50Lb test for under $24. I also spend most of my fishing time fishing thick grass in Lake Okeechobee or pitching deep into the pads of the Florida Everglades, needing to bend them poles and put line to the test. Compared to other brands like PowerPro which I used to use, costing around $15-$18 for a 100 yard spool, Kastking costs less than 1/2 the cost of other name brands. Even more impressive, when tested against PowerPro in several tests such as abrasion, strength, etc, Kastking outperformed the bigger name brands. When you have close to 20 baitcasters like me, the math adds up fairly quickly when respoolimg for a new season.

Trust me when I tell you, this braid is the real deal. Give one reel a shot and let us know what you think. I buy mine at www.eposeidon.com but I believe you can also order on amazon.

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