Lugging motor that won't plane out


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Feb 3, 2013
Overbrook, Ok, USA
Javelin Venom 17
Ok so this morning I fished my company tournament with my dad. At take off the boat felt sluggish climbing out of the hole. With 45 mins left to fish we were going to head back towards the ramp stopping at one more spot on the way. I put the throttle down and the motor just bogged. It wouldn't climb up on plane and continued to bog until the motor died. Restart and dad moved onto the front deck to help it climb out of the hole. Once it did it ran fine.

So what are the usual suspects? Plug look a little dirty but not fouled. Filter has some trash but not plugged. Going to put new of each in anyway, any else obvious that I'm forgetting?

Oh bty its a 99 johnson 90hp v4 14x19 prop
Javelin venom 17
1/2 tank of gas 430lbs of people