Mako 21LTS


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Jan 19, 2012
Miami, FL
Mako 21LTS Bayboat
Top view of my new Mako 21LTS bay boat. This baby is awesome.... It's stripped down in my back yard with the 2 seats/coolers, trolling motor, and Lowrance Ti-9 stowed away in my garage but I wanted to show you all the fishing space this bay boat has. Being 21ft, it rides in rougher water much better than my Nitro did, has an amazing livewell system with the Pro Air 2 oxygenator along with the recirculator. I also recently added the VT-2 livewell ventilation system for healthier fish on tournament days. This boat is the complete package for me, running in as shallow as 18" for the flats and also made for saltwater fishing too. Just love it. Not the fastest boat around but that Mercury 4 stroke 150 pushes it around 44-46mph and is the quietest engine i've ever heard!