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Moreau Baits


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
Best Catch
I have been an avid outdoorsman all of my life. As a young man, I began hunting and fishing with my Dad and later in life I introduced these sports to my four boys. For the past 35 years I have been a full-time award-winning taxidermist specializing in fish and bird mounts.

Growing up I was never satisfied with the store bought lures I was fishing and always wanted to create lures that were more realistic and over the years I refined my airbrushing skills, and put this experience to work on Moreau Bait’s. Most of my life I have been making and fishing my own lures with success and during the last 10 years, I sold a few in local tackle shops in San Diego CA.

With some pressure from the local fishermen to put my baits out there for everyone to fish, I decided to focus on perfecting the baits and refining the paint jobs. We started to field test the lures and were astonished at the success we had with them. The 6” baby Bass caught a nine pound Bass on the second cast in the water and later that week caught a 6 and 14 pound Bass.

We also had an amazing first day fishing the top water Bluegill and Crappie lures, catching four and five pound Bass all day. We knew we were onto something and posted up some photos on the internet and were inundated with requests for the baits. We have continued to make the baits better and are listening to great input from fishermen. And we will still continue to make changes to improve upon the baits.

My son Andrew has been a large part of the evolution of these baits. He is a dedicated outdoorsman who has a special talent when it comes to assembling baits and assisting in designing and perfecting each new bait. We are dedicated to providing world-class baits along with outstanding customer care.