Need advice on 2009 Merc 90hp 2 stroke ELPTO


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Jan 19, 2012
Miami, FL
Hey guys, i meant to ask sooner but totally forgot to post after the last fishing trip... I noticed while running wide open for several miles with RPM's in the 5,000's, I felt a split second pause in RPM's, almost like fuel skipped for a split second. Didn't affect the motor running at all but just felt like there was a miss in the RPM's barely noticeable. This only seemed to happen sporadically and only when I had the throttle wide open and all the way down.

I know i'm 3-4 months past the yearly maintenance and am taking my boat in for it next week but was just wondering if any of you had any idea what may be the issue here. Not sure if it may be spark plug, carburetor, fuel line, etc. My buddy told me to use Sea Foam but i'm just wondering if any of you had any suggestions. Like I said, last motor maintenance was done in May of 2013 and i'm hoping any issue will be fixed next week when they replace my impeller, water pump, spark plugs, and lower unit oil.

Ally, I know you are a mechanic. Any suggestions???