New Member - Info/Advice on Yammy 70HP

Jul 5, 2013
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
Tomorrow I may be taking the plunge and purchasing a used bass boat, but I have a few questions before I finalize the deal. PLEASE NOTE: This question was posted in my introduction message in the New Member forum. Apologies for the double post.


The boat is a 2007 Stratos 176 XT with a 70HP Yamaha. It is a one owner rig in excellent condition. The price is under NADA book and everything works on the boat. The owner states he hasn't done any preventive maintenance because it never has given him any problems and the relative light usage it has seen. This has me concerned, but I don't want to miss out on a great deal due to unsupported concerns. I am reviewing the owner's manual for this motor but can anyone tell me what maintenance should have been performed on this motor over the past six years and what I should be concerned about before buying? I am going to have him fire it up before buying and may ask for a ride.