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Blazer 92

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Mar 4, 2013
Plaucheville louisiana
Hello everyone. Just joined to day I wanted to say hi and maybe get a few ballpark suggestions hopefully this hasn't been run down before. I have a 92 blazer vlx-150 with a xr4 150 black max with I believe 10" blazer jackplate. The 4 blade prop says 25 pitch on it it was turning 6000 to 6100 rpms 63 GPS heavy load. I busted the small gear case hitting something so replace it with a new big gear cast 1.87 to 1 I believe then rebuilding the motor now and mechanic said it is a 2.4 but he had to order different gaskets two diffent gasket kits to make one and said the gaskets were for a 200 for them to workso someone took 2 motors and made mine (previous owner). My question is pad to prop measurement good starter suggestions for this old hull? And since I was turning that 4 blade 25 that rpms what prop and pitch might would be best for this boat with the big gear case? " tempest plus, lazer 2, trophy plus" and what pitch to start. Thks alot sorry for the rambling.