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One heck of a weekend


Active Fisherman
Sep 5, 2012
Holly Ridge, NC, United States
I had a tournament at Sharon Harris lake this weekend so I left Fridat morning to gat a prefish day with another member so we put our boats in and he told me to follow him and he would show me some of the lake ,So off we went he was the lead boat and got tired of being tossed about by his wahe so i started to get behind him to get that smooth area now he is about 200 yards in front of me I was concentrating on moving over and looked up and he was dead in the water there was no way I could stop so I veered hard to the right and hit his boat just behind the driver seat and my boat road down his bumper pap but I did manage to Hit him in the shoulder and break his counsel. But everyone was ok and the boats were able to continue , after we had fished we were loading up our boats to go to our Motel , As he was backing up mine it sounded like I had a bad bearing after we got our rooms I told my friend what I had heard and decided to get it fixed right then so I found a Place to do the work I dropped my boat and started back to the motel but before I got me the pepair shop called me and said I needed to get right back there ,when I had returned he showed me what my problem was the main cross over beam the one that holds the big roller at the end of the tralier was broken in half and was being held in place by the roller pin and while looking at that we also discovered that the rear axle was also broken after looking at all the damage I realized How blessed I was because we had been on the interstate running 70mph. So I could not move the trailer and had to find a roll on tow truck and a place to get a new trailer I found a place Sat . morning that would custom build a trailer But thay closed at 4pm and it is now 10.30am I went back to the boat 50miles away and started calling towing services it took me until I found a service truck big enough to haul my boat and trailer He got to me at 330pm and I knew he would not be there in time to ,IT would be Tuesday before I could do anything and I just could not stay up there that long ,So I called the store and explained my situation and if someone could remain behind to take the boat in , Well he said he could so off it went . NOw antone want to top this for a bad Weekend?:mad: