One Issue Resolved at Least


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Feb 3, 2013
Overbrook, Ok, USA
Javelin Venom 17
So the issues continue with my little OMC. Tried to take my wife fishing a couple of weekends ago and after dragging her out of bed at 5am and driving 45 mins to our new home lake the motor wouldn't even try to start. It would crank for sure but not even splutter. I ran the cranking battery down trying (its getting week after only two years so that's a different issue). We fish some right around the ramp and I lost a couple of fish but overall wasn't a very good trip.

Later that afternoon I laid down to nap with it all still on my mind. Even if I do get a new to me boat I still need to get this one running to maximize resale potential. 15 years ago I had the boat stored in a barn and mice did a number on it. Chewed wiring which led to a small fire while tubing that summer. I got to thinking about how the shop that put the new harness in at the time didn't reconnect the kill switch. I wondered if possibly there was no power running to the "choke" solenoid. That afternoon I hooked it up to the muffs manually switched the fuel/air mix and it started right up. Sunday I tested for power and zilch. So sunday afternoon I ran to the parts store and bought a few supplies.

To me the easiest thing to do was just run a new circuit with an inline fuse and arming switch. Honestly the hardest part was fishing the wires through the rigging tube. It works but haven't had the chance to go fishing again yet.

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