Propping Laser Bass Boats


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Jan 16, 2009
SouthEast Arkansas
Some of you Laser owners may be looking for that right prop for your ride and just really dont know which way to go with it so I decided to give you some information which will help you.

Due to the hull configuration that Roark used and the way that the hull reacts the Laser's naturally lift in the bow fairly easy so a prop that has alot of bow lift is not actually what you want. Laser's perform at there best running flatter than alot of the other boats so a prop that has good STERN lift will help you get the numbers you are wanting to acheive.

For instance I have taken Laser ll props and had prop guru's redo the prop and add the needed modification to them to give stern lift and they work well. Also a great prop on the Laser's are the small eared choppers with the weedcutters removed and have the Bullet cut added to them. Of course you need some motor to turn one correctly but you will be VERY pleased with its performance.

I hope this helps out someone that may be trying to prop your boat for all out performance.