Removing the cap

Jan 16, 2009
SouthEast Arkansas
Several times it has been asked of me why after removing the rubrail and verything else visible they still cant remove the cap on Laser bass boats and the famous 380 Ray.

When Roark was building these boats he did something that actually made the top portion of the cap in the splashwell area incredibly strong BUT made it almost impossible to remove the cap.

IN order to do this you have to have the bilge area as empty as possible to see it and dang near stand on your head or use a mirror.

Under the splash well where it meets the transom, during production of the boat they used a mixture of milled fibers and resin to bond the cap to the transom. IT is necessary to cut through this on order to remove the cap.

I have found that a Metabo cut off saw works best for me.