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Skeeter Released It's First Boat In 1948


BBM Personel Director
May 11, 2009

The Skeeter ZX250 comes with all the features that make Skeeter's inimitable, the torque transfer system, stern sponsons, and Yamaha 250/300hp VMAX powerplants

Skeeter: Skeeter boats pioneered of the whole bass boat category when it released the very first bass boat in 1948. It was then that the name "Skeeter" was adopted because of the boat's long needle shaped nose, very much like that of a mosquito. Skeeter has come a long way and these tournament quality lineup of boats continue to be among the most sought after. The SX line of boats are among the best value on the market for a quality bass boat. The TSX lineup of boats are full on tournament rigs and make use of the famous Skeeter torque transfer transom and stringer system, as well as the no splashwell design. The TSX and ZX aluminum torque transfer system are legendary, and the entire boat can actually be suspended by the engine bolts alone, with absolutely no stress or damage to the hull! The flagship Skeeter is the ZX300 which is just about the boldest boat on the market with a length of 21'10", a 64 gallon fuel tank, and a monster 300hp Yamaha VMAX!