Trade Fishing Trips

Nov 19, 2009
My Wife says that I should not have more than One Boat at a time, Says the same about Motorcycles & Pickup trucks.

So. If I sell one of my boats this Sat (Sale Pending) Ill be down to just 2 boats and thats OK I think. ( Im down from 7 boats this time last year so I think?)

I just picked up this Brand New Shamrock and I plan on keeping it a while.

The Ideal Boat should be big enough to go aywhere. Ocean, Lake, River and Small enough to Tow around behind your truck, be able to launch and retrive single handed. 23 to 26 feet is a good size.

It should have a respectible ammout of power. Currently I have a Yanmar 240HP Diesil and while it does Boot Scoot Boogie at around 35 kts; some folks thaink it is too slow. Speacking of Slow: One problem with a Go fast boat is that they dont idle down to troll at slow speeds. Trolling at 6 KTS is fine for Tuna and Bluefish but Im going to add a pair of electric motors to the dive platform to do the Slow 1-2 Kt troll for Stripers & Lake Trout.

It shold have a blend of lots of Dynamic & Static Stability with sides high enough to keep the water out but still be able to hang over and touch the Sea; at least in the stern. It should be built lie the proverbial brick shithouse but light enough so that it is economical on fuel.

The boat should have Lots of storage space for life jackets & fishing tackle & SCUBA Gear. It should have a roff for shelter from the Sun & rain & Sleet & Snow. It should have top notch electrnics RADAR, SONAR, GPS/ Chartplotter,LORAN, VHF and maybe a Stereo System. It must have Live wells & washdown pumps and lots of Really Big Bildge pumps. A smalll cabin with Head is a must.

So. Here is my current boat "Victoria". Im still customizing it and am open to offers of help with Cash or Product Donations in exchange for fishing charters.

things I still need to do on the boat:

1) Have Sunbrella Fabric roof built over the aft deck and a Bow Dodger, Enclosure around the Center Console.
2) Alum framework for canvas
3) Dual or possibly Quad Big Ass electric trolling motors
4) 4 to 6 Large Marine Batteries
5) A 200 Watt or larger Marine Stero System, Amp & PA horn
7) a RADAR Mast & replace all Nav ligts with LEDs
8) Hi Intensity Fog/Flood Lights for night fishing
9) a Marine FHW Cabin Heater
10) An electric block heater for the diesil for winter trips
11) Fishing Rod holders that clamp on the Bow Rails
12) A custom welded stainless steel cage to protect the propeller
13) a custom welded ss bow sprit to hold the anchor.
14) extra anchors are allways welcome
15) A nice fabric storage building to keep the pine needles out of the boat
16) I need to keep putting Diesil and Bio DiesilFuel in the tanks, dont know where its going, must evaporate, so if you have soom it will allways be welcome
17) Also fishing tackle and line must be evoporating. It needs constant replinishment
18) Bait & Ice. Anyone have an Ice Maker? Actually it would be cool to turn the fishboxes into reefer fish boxes. Any Ideas?
19) Out riggers, Electric Downriggers
20) a Green Pole
21) A 12VDC electric Meat Grinder
22) A couple really big plastic cutting boards
23) Lots of Lead Sinkers, Jigs 1oz to 16 oz

Capt Walt