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Trim Issue - Trim Stops Working and Motor Won't Start

Jul 5, 2013
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
Experienced an issue this Sunday that nearly left me stranded out on the water. I will list the symptoms in order beginning with the first incident:

  1. A couple times I have experienced nothing at all when turning the switch. Used jumper cables to jump from trolling battery to cranking battery and got it started. Boat ran fine from there rest of the day.
  2. Sunday, while under idle speed I trimmed the motor down and heard a clicking/whining sound and then the trim stopped working altogether. Stopped the motor and then nothing would work; the trim or the motor. Turned on the fish finder and I was showing 12.6 volts on the cranking battery. All other accessories worked fine. Turning the ignition key or trying to use any of the three trim switches, nothing, not even a clicking sound.
  3. Used jumper cables and was able to immediately turn over the engine, got it cranked, and trim worked fine for the rest of the day. Traveled about 20 miles at WOT throughout the day.
  4. Got boat back to the launch, same thing happened after I got it on the trailer. Used jumper cables to get the trim working again.
  5. Took battery to dealer today, it's only about 7 months old and he said it checked out fine.

Is there something wrong with my trim unit? The boat is only 7 years old and everything back there is really clean. Do I need to check the hydraulic fluid or relays (wherever they are)? Would the trim not working also keep the motor from turning over? Why does connecting the jumper cables seem to "jump" this thing into working?