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Triton Customer service

Oct 27, 2015
New york
Triton 17 pro
Just wanted to post a experience with Triton. I purchased a leftover 2014 Triton 17 pro at a good discount. The dealer is out of state and a 7 hour round trip. My issue is that I found 5 stress cracks in the transom set back. I will take partial blame as I did not find them upon taking delivery. I called Triton asking if I could take it to a glass repair shop much closer. Being as the shop is not a dealer selling Triton boats I was very surprised that Marty at Triton agreed to them looking at it. The shop took pictures, sent them to Marty and he approved repairs. Top notch customer service standing behind their product. The repair shop is positive that this occurred when the hull was pulled from the mold. The repair shop pointed out spots where Triton made repairs to the area at the factory. The repairs were unfinished in spots. As good as their customer service is it appears that quality control is lacking. Other than that I am happy.