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update on rainwear options


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BBM Staff Member
Feb 3, 2013
Overbrook, Ok, USA
Javelin Venom 17
well since the weather kept me off the water this weekend, it got me to thinking that maybe its time to pull the trigger on getting some better foul weather gear. i read the the previous thread on here about options in rainwear but since many of the replies were a couple of years old now i thought i would restate the question again: whats the best bang for your buck when it comes to rain gear?

ive thought about maybe getting a nice set of gortex bibs and parka for fall, winter and early spring, then maybe a set of frog toggs to carry for warm weather. when it comes to the gortex stuff who has the best deal? has anyone tried the h2o model from academy? looks like the parka and bibs are $70 each plus tax, which is about what the bibs would alone cost at bass pro or cabelas