VT-2 Livewell ventilation system


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Jan 19, 2012
Miami, FL
I finally splurged $50 and bought them. Tested it out this weekend at lake okeechobee and I kid you not.... The bass were 100% as alive 8 hours later in my livewell. I've never seen 5 bass so alive after being in the livewell all day. The 2nd big fish of the day was caught 5 minutes into our session at 7am so it wasn't culled all day. At 3pm the bass was in perfect shape. I know I was also running my recirculator and pro air oxygen system but i'm sure the VT-2 system helped. Just makes sense. Removes harmful gasses, keeps air flowing in the livewell, and keeps water cooler.
Thumbs up on this investment!

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