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What's the dumbest fishing item you ever fell for?


Weapon of bass destruction
Jul 24, 2013
Plantation, Florida, United States
In about 1981 I saw an ad for Hairy Berrys in either Bassmaster or ABF American Bass Fisherman magazines which I had subscriptions for. It looked like a giant rubber blackberry with a treble hook inside and a giant rubber skirt over it. I ordered them and it came with a purple shirt that said "My Hairy Berry is irresistible". It was basically a big jig lure that pulled up nothing but weeds and scum. Then the ad on TV came out with the Lures that had a spring that wound up when you jerked it so the tail would wiggle for 10 seconds, can't remember what they were called but all I caught on it for $30 for 3 was a giant gar!
Then the Lightning Hook came out which was a spring loaded hook that was seedless until you jerked on it but it would never set and I lost lots of fish trying it. Here's a couple pics since I still have it. Luckily, for this one, it was a sample sent to me as President of my bass club at the time. Thought this might be a cool thread since we're all gullible to the next best thing. IMG_1489.JPG IMG_1490.JPG