wwcenturion. Yamaha 70 hp upgrades

Darth VMAX

Allison Boats Officer
May 3, 2009
Hey, this is in reference to your question about the Stratos 176 being able to handle a 90 or 115 outboard.

Well, I know you run a 70 Yamaha and I just wanted to let you know, Hydro-Tec Marine know has Phase Kits available for the 3 cyl 70 & 90 HP motors and the 25/35 hp motors as well. They aren't listed on their website yet, but has announced it on their Facebook Page

Looks like High Compression Heads (plus gaskets), Carbon Fiber Reeds, and a High Torque exhaust tuner, and a modified air intake..

That will really wake up that 70 on there and much cheaper than repowering! :first: