Z-Man’s Newest Micro Finesse System Bait – The Micro WormZ


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Jan 10, 2009
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Z-Man’s Newest Micro Finesse System Bait – The Micro WormZ

Z-Man has brought out a new addition to their Micro Finesse System line of soft plastics. The new 2-inch Micro WormZ is an ElaZtech worm made for trout, panfish, and Bait Finesse (BFS) bass applications. Made of Z-Man’s ElaZtech material these new worms are super soft but still incredibly durable, being able to take 10 times more of a beating compared to other plastics out there. The Micro WormZ has a slender, segmented, tapered body with an egg sack molded in. The thin elongated tail matched with the supple soft plastic gives the Micro WormZ tons of action.

“It’s nearly impossible to stop the Micro WormZ from shaking its tail,” suggests Z-Man Brand Manager Ryan Harder, a confirmed crappie and trout sneak. “Grab the bait by its head and hold still. No matter how hard you try, the little bait’s wispy tail simply never stops quivering, vibrating, and breathing. Even when you try to deadstick it underwater, where micro currents continuously play across the bait’s body, the little WormZ keeps kicking, fishing almost exactly like livebait.”

Photo Courtesy of Z-Man

The taper of the Micro WormZ starts with a thicker head for easy rigging onto Micro Finesse ShroomZ jigheads. Besides rigging to a jighead, these soft plastics work perfectly on a single-hook wacky rig or a dropshot rig. Micro WormZ innate buoyancy lets the tail rise off the bottom and ripple in the current when the jig or rig while at rest Every bit of movement from the rod or line is imparted to the Micro WormZ’s thin long tail. The Z-Man Micro WormZ is available now in 10 staple color patterns, varying from bright colors or natural patterns. MSRP is $4.99 for a pack of 8 worms and these are available for purchase now.

Harder discusses the bait’s on-the-water success: “In testing, we put the Micro WormZ in the toughest conditions we could think of—big selective stream trout—and it just kept getting bit, exceeding even our own expectations,” he explains. “Even when rainbow, brook and brown trout are focus-feeding on specific insect hatches, the Micro WormZ continues provoking strikes, because is simply looks and behaves like a living bite of food.”

Photo Courtesy of Z-Man
Z-Man Micro WormZ Key Features

  • Micro Finesse-sized finesse worm profile with realistic body segmentation and egg sack
  • Extremely versatile bait ideal for a variety of species including trout, bass, and panfish
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® outfishes and outlasts conventional soft baits by a wide margin
  • Buoyant material allows tail to stand up off the bottom at rest, providing natural action and a more visible strike target
  • Meaty head for easy rigging on Micro Finesse ShroomZ
  • Thin tapered tail quivers with the slightest rod movement
  • Offered in 10 staple color patterns, including bright colors for trout and panfish and more natural hues for BFS bass applications
  • MSRP – $4.99 per 8-Pack
  • Available Now

Photo Courtesy of Z-Man

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