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Z Man Project Z Weedless Chatterbait


Community Supporter
Jan 19, 2012
Miami, FL
Mako 21LTS Bayboat
Anyone who likes to throw a swimjig or spinnerbaits has to try this addition to the chatterbait family. If you cast through Lilly pads, cattails, peppergrass, or any type of cover, Z Man has come out with a weedless version of their classic chatterbait. I’ve used it and it has more vibration than a spinnerbait and swims like a swimjig. Attached with a swimbait for a trailer and the bait is deadly for bigger bass.

Trust me guys..... If you fish vegetation, give this chatterbait a shot. For $8.99, it’s not a bad deal!!! It’s the only type of chatterbait I use.


A modified version of the original, the Z Man Project Z Weedless Chatterbait features a number of tournament-winning upgrades that are sure to impress. Poured with a new head shape, the Z Man Project Z Weedless Chatterbait is fitted with a heavy fiber weedguard that allows it to navigate the most tangled and snag-prone areas.

Promoting competition-grade performance, the Z Man Project Z Weedless Chatterbait is fitted with a super-strong line-tie, dual-barb trailer keeper, and a Z-Tie double umbrella EZ Skirt. Backed by a razor-sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook, the Z Man Project Z Weedless Chatterbait delivers tournament-caliber quality and performance-enhancing modifications that will make it your go-to vibrating jig on game-day.