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Zoom "Green Pumpkin" Worms


Boating Moderator
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Apr 3, 2009
Lake Sinclair Ga
2007 Triton Tr 186..Alumacraft 146 NCS
Im sitting here rigging a couple of rods, and thinking , you know this time of year I always have a Green Pumpkin zoom worm as my go to get up. Or maybe in my hand most of the time.
Zoom bait co is about 60 miles NE of me and alot of others in my state, that have millions of bags of em.lol
the color green pumpkin is a worldwide thing...Its big.
of coarse all the combos this color comes..Greenpumpkin red,Green Pumking blue,Green Pumpkin Majic and about 25 more..Kinda like Forest Gump with shrimp recipies..haha
I kinda favor a Texas Rig 3/16 Tungsten weight with a 3/0 wire hook. U tail 6 inch worm..`12 lb fluro.
also a shakey head with a Green Pumpkin Trick worm to skip under docks on a spinning reel..

Yep when the sun gets hot. Out comes the Zoom worms..
Had to get this off my chest, so I will quit thinking about it all week...well maybe..lol