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Discussion in 'High Performance Questions' started by KWatson, May 3, 2010.

  1. What are the top 5 high perfermance bass boats on the show room floor?
  2. ally260 Texas Fishing Report Officer


    Show room floor? almost a trick question! Lets see now.

    then there's
    Oh yeah, There's a 21' Laser built on order that few people know about............
  3. geezer1 Member

    Lakehills, Tx

    I know I'm going to catch some flak for this but.....I want to see how the new Nitro hull pans out. Specifically the Z7 with the 200 Opti. Preliminary reports sound pretty good!
  4. Nichor02 Asst. Operations Director

    Byhalia, Ms.

    Well, as usual, I'll be the stick in the mud here. Don't know anything about the Allison's, so I'm going with the ones I'm used to being around.

    Ranger (because I own one, haha)
    Bass Cat
  5. kipp Special Operations

    Lake Sinclair Ga

    High Performance hull
    Then there is Performance to me anyway.......I am not ego driven preduice

    Lanier Custom Boats......used for bass fishin.....approached that market....cool
    Stratos made a V-T Rocket Tunnel while back....it has seen a showroom
  6. Darth VMAX Allison Boats Officer


    Gotta love these types of posts to generate lots of traffic LOL.

    When you say "High Performance" I don't think of your typical sub 80 mph rig which makes up your Triton, Nitro, Stratos, Ranger, Skeeter..etc. etc.
    Those to me are not true high performance boats.

    There have been some "tweener's" recently (since 2000) from those likes. Triton had the 200xp (low 80's) Stratos had the ASX (low-mid 80's). BassCat is coming out with the new Eyra that fits in this market. Again, these are "tweeners" that bridge the gap and don't compete head to head with the TRUE High Performance bass rigs. They do outperform the mainstream rigs (Triton, Nitro, Stratos, Ranger, Skeeter..etc. etc.) and were very limited production (less than 100 of the ASX and 200xp's produced).

    True HIGH Performance top 5:

    1. Allison
    2. Bullet
    3. Stroker
    4. Lanier Custom Boat
    5. Norris Craft (not sure if they are still producing or not)
    5. Gambler/Sterling (being an upper 80 mph boat its more of the "Top Tweener")
  7. Nichor02 Asst. Operations Director

    Byhalia, Ms.

    I have to admit. I like the way the Norris Crafts look. Looks like their sitting there saying, "Go ahead, try me". Great looking rigs.
  8. ally260 Texas Fishing Report Officer


    I guess "tweeners" could be considered HP bass boats, but my way of thinkin' anytime a gotta put a 3.0+ liter with 250+ horsepower on it ta get to tha 80's is questionable. Like some of tha ole F4 pilots use ta say.........

    "Put enought horsepower on a brick and you can make it can fly"

  9. lilmule lilmule


    Think Norris is like Lazer gone.
    And to me no boat is high preformance unless it hits 80 plus with a 200 hp or less,my 1990-2002 hits 90 plus.Stokers while fast with muchco hp arnt with less hp behind them.
    Laniers dunno how much hp it takes to do near 90.
    In the light hp catagory of bass boats nothing but an allison will do it.
    They are a family owned and operated business so one day it to unless bought out,it to shall pass.But needless to say many will be around many years from now as well built.
  10. lorain Guest

    Alright Alley guys,which is it.When you talk about vehicles they are classified as trucks,sports cars, sedans, mini vans, SUV ,etc............but they are classified as something.

    When people talk about the family hauler boats then you think Alleys are the best.When they talk about bass boats then you think the are the best. So what are they a family boat or a bass boat? They have to be one or the other.

    I had a pontoon that had livewells and a troller, does that make it a bass boat????? No it was still a pontoon.I had 12 people on it once ,does that make it a family boat????? No it was still a pontoon.

    The question was "High performance bass boat" not "High performance SUB (Sport utility boat)

    Just my opinion

    With that said my opinion is


    JMO though
  11. Buzz Member

    Westport CT

    I like Darth's list cept gotta put that LCB on top just cause I am lucky enough to own one. And yeah it's got a 300 Pro Max hanging on it. And I can run it flat out on the Long Island Sound, I don't think you can do that with any of the other boats on that list.
  12. clm6741 Phoenix MadMan

    Perkinston, MS

    To me an allison is not a true bass boat.... Yes I know they have a trolling motor and a little bit of storage and a deck if that's what u call it but they should not be in this category.
  13. JESTERxHEAD New Member

    BumFu*k, Egypt

    It has a rod locker, livewell, and a trolling motor......dont all bass boats have these?

    they pass inspection for bass tournaments.

    and they whoop butt hauling down the river channel.....
  14. lorain Guest

    I had a pontoon that had rod locker ,livewell,and trolling motor.Had 12 people on it once too.Now that's called "haulin ass" It is not a bass boat though.:duel:
  15. JESTERxHEAD New Member

    BumFu*k, Egypt

    hahahahahaa.....well true.....hahhaahahaha
  16. no mention of a Gambler at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. JESTERxHEAD New Member

    BumFu*k, Egypt

    hahaha....not yet.....one of my best friends has a gambler dont know off hand what model but its 19.5ft long and it sure hauls with a 200 on it.....

    Good boats but I think they sacrifice storage options and rear deck space considerably...but then again the guy in the back didnt pay for the boat.....hahahahaha
  18. A co worker has an allison that will do 107. Bass boat or not all I can say is WOW
  19. ally260 Texas Fishing Report Officer


    I guess in other words, if ain't a TURD with 250 plus hp it ain't a bass boat :duel:

    JAN, My first Skeeter "bass boat" had no live well, had no storage, had no deck (front or back), no console and stick steering. Dealer through in two metal stringers and a metal minow bucket......................
  20. copper New York Fishing Report Officer

    I think we have to include the Phoenix in this topic too!
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