1. Kevin

    2019 Charger 198 Elite walk through!

  2. Kevin

    2019 Charger 198 Elite walk through!

  3. Kevin

    2017 Charger 210 Elite Walk Through

  4. Kevin

    2017 Charger 210 Elite Walk Through

  5. gonefishing7903

    New Life for an Old Favorite

    Here are the first pics I have seen of the new Charger 210 elite based on the Champion mold
  6. remington

    Chrager to start building Cahmpion hulls

    It's confirmed Charger boats has bought the rights to several of the Champion hulls from ol Johnny Morris. Rumor has it the 210 "Elite" should be ready by the time the classic runs around. I'm very excited about this as Charger is one of the most under rated boat companies in the biz and they...
  7. Kevin

    Bank Chargers

    Who is making the best quality bank charger now a days? Any reviews on this?
  8. Kevin

    Charger Bass Boats Made in Missouri

    Charger Bass Boats are made by the same quality as Playcraft Pontoon Boats. They are made by the same people in Missouri! Quality goes in every boat, they maybe a little heavy for some, but that just means they will last forever! I owned one for several years and would by another when the...
  9. wwcenturion

    Replacing a 1-Bank Charger with a 2-Bank Charger with Pics

    Hey guys, most of you are aware of my battery woes over the past year with the most recent issue occurring a few weeks ago when I put in at the local launch and the cranking battery was dead. Luckily, there was another boater fixing to take out and he had a set of jumper cables on him that I...