1. Kevin

    Bass LOVE This Bait - Lake Wisconsin Bass Fishing

  2. Kevin

    Secret Fishing spots in New York

  3. kipp

    Phoenix 921 Elite
  4. Kevin

    Top 5 Baits To Catch Tough Winter Bass

  5. kipp

    Mercury 175 Pro XS

    This is one awesome motor to me..Im an 18 ftr Bass Boat Fan...Bet I could make one get to 70 mph on a Bass cat Sabre or Phoenix 618 with the right prop and engine height..
  6. kipp

    Evinrude 2020 Lineup

  7. Cute Bass

    Cute Bass

  8. kipp

    2019 Skeeter ZX 200

    2019 SKEETER ZX200 BASS BOAT Photos may reflect product with optional features. Close Storage Fishing is your passion, and this is what you pursue it with. The ZX200 comes loaded and tournament ready. Some of the great features of this model include Humminbird® Helix 7 Graphs on the Bow and...
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  10. kipp

    Buzz Bait Fishing With Denny Brauer

  11. kipp

    Vexus AVX 1880

    Video Link at bottom ... ABOUT THIS MODEL Custom-contoured lines, precision-tuned performance, and a world of advanced features… On and off the water, the AVX1880 is engineered to set a higher standard. Measuring 18’ 10” in length with a broad 95” beam, this sleek, hand-built machine is...
  12. kipp

    Bass Cat Eyra

  13. kipp

    2020 Mercury Outboards
  14. kipp

    Patterns For Late Summer Bass

    Summer FishingTwo Reliable Patterns for Late Summer Bass By Luke Stoner •Aug 27, 2018 (Photo: Luke Stoner) Bass fishing in the dog days of summer is no easy pursuit. Catching bass in lakes and reservoirs becomes increasingly difficult as the summer wears on; to the point it gets hard to...
  15. kipp

    2019 Skeeter FX 21 Apex

    LIMITED TIME OFFER.Valid AUGUST 1, THROUGH OCTOBER 14, 2019. BUILD THIS BOAT 2019 SKEETER FX21 APEX BASS BOAT Photos may reflect product with optional features. Close Storage If you want the complete package the 2019 FX Apex Edition delivers just that. The Apex Edition features one exclusive...
  16. Kevin

    He Lost a Giant Bass...