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  1. kipp

    Lew's Tournament Lite

    Got one of these to throw a #5 Rapala Shad Rap in Winter...its cool. I’m a big believer in matching the hatch which becomes pretty difficult in my area this time of year. A large majority of my fishery’s threadfin shad are very small right now, making it necessary to utilize...
  2. Kevin

    Lew's | Behind the Scenes of a Fishing Icon

    http://www.scout.com/…/1585405-lew-s-behind-the-scenes-of-a… Lew’s | Behind the Scenes of a Fishing Icon Here is a behind the scenes photo gallery and a little of the history on Lew's that has got them to the point of their grand opening in their new $3.5 million expansion facility...
  3. Kevin

    Sportsmans Factory Outlet

    Sportsmans Factory Outlet Please join us for the Sportsman's Factory Outlet ribbon cutting ceremony Friday morning at 11. National and area pro anglers will be on hand for expert fishing advice, plus there will be refreshments, door prizes and in-store specials. The David Fritts casting...