1. gonefishing7903

    Mercury V8 Prop Comparison

    SmallmouthCrush comparing props on his new outboard
  2. Kevin

    Mercury Outboard Idle Adjustment

  3. Mako 21LTS 2017

    Mako 21LTS 2017

    There's my buddy. Memories are starting to happen already :)
  4. KOTG Solutude

    KOTG Solutude

    Dont ask my why, but i like this picture, look at the reflection on top!
  5. gonefishing7903

    Pheonix Getting After It

    Trait Zaldain in her Pheonix passing a skeeter
  6. Kevin

    Mercury Optimax 200 - Replace Water Pump Impeller

    How to Replace the Water Pump Impeller on a Mercury Optimax 200 Hp Outboard
  7. Kevin

    Mercury Verado Maintenance: Oil Change

  8. Kevin

    Mercury ends affiliation with FLW

    Mercury Marine announced today its six-year run as a sponsor of FLW tournaments will not continue in 2017. The company issued the following release around 2 p.m. EST today: Mercury Marine has announced it will end its sponsorship of the FLW tournament angling association at the conclusion of...
  9. Kevin

    Mercury Marine Pro XS is the best-selling

    Pro XS is the best-selling tournament fishing outboard in the world, and has powered more competitive anglers to victory than any other engine. Welcome the new 115 Pro XS FourStroke! The lightest outboard in its class. Learn more at...
  10. D

    2000 Mercury 115 2+2 best WOT RPM is?

    Hi Everybody, I am new here and looking for some help with best setting up my new to me 1997 Nitro 170 LX. It has a 2000 Mercury 115 2+2 with a 22 inch turbo 2 prop and runs 47 mph (GPS) at 5000 RPM at wide open throttle. It has a good hole shot and I'm happy with it overall. I would, however...
  11. B

    which mercury for 618?

    What are peoples thoughts on either the mercury 150hp 4 stroke or 175hp XS for the 618? Would there be a significant top end speed difference or worth the extra money?
  12. Kevin

    Mercury Verado 400R

    The ‪#‎NEWBOSS‬ has arrived! Upon the heels of the highly successful Verado 400R outboard is its sinister competition relative, the Mercury Racing ROS (Race Offshore). This potent 4-stroke racer makes its debut next weekend at the Dubai Grand Prix, round five of the 2015 XCAT World Series in...
  13. gonefishing7903

    400hp Jaguar

    Oh what I wouldn't give...... BCB Jaguar with 400hp Merc Racing outboard
  14. kipp

    Mercury Spitfire X7

    This Spitfire is mostly For the Aluminum boat crowd..Mercury is on point with their factory props.Way more than any other Manufacturer.They have every motor covered down to 25hp and under with a system matched prop.They test with popular brand hulls also... Elite Series SpitFire® X7 Superior...