04 vmax in cold storage


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Feb 3, 2013
Overbrook, Ok, USA
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ok guys hears the deal: today i made a run to bass pro and academy and while i was in the area i stopped in to visit my aunt and uncle. my uncle was a hardcore angler for years and years. in 04, after several years of comparing brands and research, he purchased a brand new ranger with a 200hp vmax. the sad part is that his health has kept him from using the boat for several years now and as a result it has set now for four year without being started. he consulted with a mechanic friend of his back then as he knew that he was going to be looking at not being able to use it for an extended period. so at the time they drained the tanks, refilled them with fresh gas and added an ethanol treatment and ran a little of this gas through the motor. fast forward to a couple of weeks ago another friend of his, advised him without looking at the boat that he would have to pay to have the fuel separator changed and that it would cost $750 to $1000. now i dont know this gentlemen personally, and he is not an outboard mechanic, but is a small engine mechanic. my uncle said he mentioned something about it causing an issue with the carbs, but as this is an 04 direct injection motor that makes me think that this guy might just be looking to make a quick buck off of my uncle.

i advised him that what i would do before anything else with the boat (as the batteries have gone bad even with monthly charging) is to get a new starting battery, and take it to an actual boat service center. that i would explain to them that it had been sitting for four years and see about hooking it up to a tank of fresh gas, maybe with some injector cleaner in it and see if it would start. then if it does start running a good cleaner with fresh gas would clean out any gunk in there. the way i see it if the ethanol has caused an issue that its going to be more than just the fuel separator that will have to be replaced.

my uncle asked me what i thought he should do about the gas that is in the tanks now, and i told him it might be ok for a lawnmower but that i wouldnt run it in a nice outboard like his. he also wanted to know if the oil would be ok and i told him that it should be fine. anyways i told him that i would run the situation by you experts on here so Darth, Allyda, and anyone else that wants to chime in please tell me what you think and how you guys would handle the situation if it were your outboard