23 Fuego LT Spinning Reel New from Daiwa


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23 Fuego LT Spinning Reel New from Daiwa

The Daiwa Fuego LT line of spinning reels has been a popular choice for anglers who have been wanting a high-quality fishing reel without draining their bank account for years now. Now for 2023 Daiwa has reworked and upgraded this popular reel. The new 23 Fuego LT still keeps its more budget-friendly price but now comes with higher-end features, the first being the new body frame. It is now a true ZAION V carbon-fiber body frame, instead of a nylon-based plastic body frame like other reels at this price point. This new advanced material makes for a reel that’s stronger and is 3% to 5% lighter than previous generations of Fuego LTs. The rotor and bail have been upgraded to the Daiwa Airdrive system as well. The Daiwa Airdrive systems reduce the weight of these parts while actually being stronger than before. This also makes for a smoother reeling feel with less inertia and vibrations. The drag system is the new bearing-supported Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD) which uses high-density woven carbon drag discs that use specifically formulated drag grease for the smoothest drag possible. Finally, the new 23 Fuego LTs have a Magsealed main shaft. This uses magnetic oil on the main shaft to keep water and grit out of the reel body. Along with all these improvements to the Fuego LT design the 23 model will also be available in a true 5000 and 6000 size reel for anglers targeting larger fish, such as striped bass in the Northeast.

“The FUEGO just gets the job done. Day-in, day-out, it’s a reel I can trust to fish walleyes, bass, pike, whatever—as well as my clients—because it’s smooth, provides great drag performance, and stands up to real-world fishing. It should cost a whole lot more, I’ll tell you that,” says Neustrom.

23 Fuego LT Spinning Reel New from Daiwa
Daiwa 23 Fuego LT Key Features:

  • ZAION V Body (3%-5% lighter than current model)
  • 5000 and 6000 sizes for saltwater
  • Machined aluminum screw-in handle
  • Ball Bearing-Supported Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD
  • Gear ratios between 5.2:1 and 6.2:1 for effectively playing fish
  • Line-Per-Turn: 25.5-inches (1000 size) to 36.2-inches (6000 size)
  • MSRP $109.99-$129.99

23 Fuego LT Spinning Reel New from Daiwa

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