A Honda BF 250 on a Bass Boat??

Nov 5, 2009
Just sold my 2009 Legend Alpha 211 w: 250 Pro XS. I was very impressed with the set up. Looking at a 2012 version of the same boat except with Honda's BF 250. I am totally into reducing my fuel costs and improving reliability. Will the boat I loved be better or worse with the Honda. Outside of the owner telling me his opinion (which I do value), why in the world aren't more guys running these incredibly reliable and fuel efficient motors? I would like to talk to someone who has a BF 250 on a bass or bay boat and listen to their feedback. Yes, I know, 600lbs, I really dont think thats a issue. Will I find it hard to resell 2 to 4 yrs down the line? Are they dogs getting on plane? Help!! Thanks