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A Shade Too Dramatic?


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So flipping through the January/February issue of Bassmaster in my usual fashion, thinking to myself Laus3 will be really disappointed in this as the whole issue is on finesse tactics. I get to the Back Deck monthly feature (I always read the short articles first then go back for longer ones) an read the title, "Goodbye to the Tx Rig?"

Now the point of Mr Precht's writing was to pump up the effectiveness of the dropshot, shakeyhead, and neko rig, but to say the tx rig has gone the way of the flipphone and paper map? Do people not flip and pitch anymore? Anglers are going to stop using standard worms, and creature baits?

We have the chatterbait and still use spinnerbaits too. Swimbaits have not killed crankbaits. The A rig did not render all other baits obsolete like some claimed it would. Maybe Im just being an cranky old timer but seems like Bass has been trending towards these exaggerated statements for a while. Just a couple of months ago they were all excited about going to a 10ft rod limit instead of 8ft. Gary Dobyns seemed to have the best grip on reality in that situation. If you went with Skeet Reese's comment though this was gking to be the biggest game changer since the introduction of braided line.

A year from now the hot neko rig will just be another club in the bag of the versitle angler. Everything comes back around too, twenty years ago would you have thought spoons would play a major role in some national tournaments? The TX rig isn't going anywhere.

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