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Aerospace Protectant


Senior Fisheman
Dec 8, 2009
Byhalia, Ms.
Polar Craft
Here at BassBoatMagazine, we try to review some of the new products that hit the market. So here's my review on Aerospace Protectant.

This is a product for cleaning, shining, and protecting just about anything you want to put it on. It works on vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and matte finishes.

I got a sample bottle to review when BB came through Memphis. I've used Armorall, Son of a Gun, and lord knows how many other products on my vehicles and boats for years.

This stuff really works! It's made by 303. They make a lot of different chemical products for vehicles. I sprayed it on my rag pretty heavily, and then wiped everything down in my truck. This was 3 weeks ago. My truck sits in the direct sunlight everyday that I work. Three weeks later, and the dash and doors look like their wet. Even wiped the dust off from having the windows cracked, and it still looks great! This product doesn't leave the usual sticky feeling that you get from the other cleaners. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm already sold on it just because of the ease of application and the way it shines. Don't have my boat anymore, but I wish I could have tried this product on it.

I'll revisit this thread when it wears off, so you can have an accurate idea of how long it lasts between applications. If you get the chance to try some of this, I would highly recommend it.