Arizona Thanksgiving Lake Powell 2011 Trip


Arizona Fishing Report Officer
Dec 15, 2010
Just got back from a week long houseboat trip over Thanksgiving week at Lake Powell.

The folks at Antelope Point were reporting slow fishing which was pretty much what we found - especially towards the end of the week. The cold weather is probably driving the fish deeper and the water in Powell gets deeper than my fish finders can see.

We beached the houseboat just off of Crosby Canyon which really should put this report in the Utah state fishing report but we started the trip in AZ... :hook

We had a couple poles off the back of the houseboat all week. Caught 1 striper and some really good sized Catfish (one was guessed to be about 8-9 lbs but you know how those guesses can be...)

We caught a smallie trolling along the mouth of Warm Creek Bay and that was the only fish caught from my bass boat.

We took a day trip up as far as Secret Canyon just past the Rainbow Natural Bridge and while my really old Platinum fish finder was showing some fish under us, none took any of the bait we offered.

Dangling Rope Marina closes on Monday, Nov 28th and won't open again until May (3rd, I seem to remember). We put some more gas in the boat since they were open and checked out some of the other canyons (Mountain Sheep Canyon, Cathedral Canyon, Dungeon Canyon and Labyrinth Canyon all showed some fish activity but no bites) Admittedly we didn't spend much time fishing in each Canyon - the wife wanted more pictures than fish.

The weather up at Powell was clear and in the mid-50's all week. We got back to Phoenix in the late afternoon and the truck thermometer showed 74 degrees. Gotta love the Desert!

The AZGFD fishing report says Lake Pleasant is catching 1 lb Largemouth at 50-75 feet while 4 to 5 lb are lower at 100 - 150 feet. Since Pleasant is at the edge of Phoenix I think a day trip will be in order in the next week or so...