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Bad Timing


Community Supporter
Well, I finally got to head to the lake. Rigged all my rigs with what I wanted to use. Got up at 4:00 next morning, and waited on partner to arrive. Headed to the lake about an hour away. Get to the ramp, getting the boat ready to launch. And I make sure the ol TM is ready. Won’t work. Just put this rascal on the boat, and I know it’s working. Come to find out my trolling batteries are shot. The charger had said they were up and ready. As long as it’s hooked to the charger, everything works. Take the charger off and nothing. Total day wasted. Got back, went to Wally World, and picked up 2 new batteries. Problem solved! $225 later. Oh well, guess lesson learned. Now I’ll try everything without the charger connected.